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Optimize Your AWS Infrastructure with Tailored Solutions.

Explore Security Compliant AWS Solutions crafted specifically for AWS Customers. Seamlessly manage AWS Operations, Implement Robust Security Measures, Enhance Networking, and Optimize Costs with Native AWS Services, no Third-Party Applications Installed.


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"Independent from Third-Party Applications, We Exclusively Rely on AWS Native Services."

AWS Security Integration Solution

With our AWS Security Integration Solution, we bring together AWS ControlTower, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config, Security Hub, Detective, Audit Manager, Artifact, GuardDuty, Inspector, Macie, Security Lake, Network Firewall and Shield to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other standards. Through these integrations, you can access your security scores organization-wide or at the account level, identify security vulnerabilities, and easily manage your remediation steps.


Real-Time AWS Monitoring Solution

Utilize the AWS CloudTrail service to monitor AWS API and Console events in real-time, with correct CloudWatch, Metric Filters, Event Rules, Lambda, SQS and SNS integrations. Monitor and control operations based on customizable time intervals and predefined thresholds. Bring together powerful AWS services (CloudWatch, X-Ray, Grafana, Prometheus, System Manager and more...) to track your business operations instantly and respond promptly to critical situations.


Central Backup Solution for AWS Resources

Ensure regular backup of all resources (EC2, S3, EBS, DynamoDB, RDS, Aurora, EFS, FSx for Lustre, FSx for Windows File Server, FSx for NetApp ONTAP, FSx for OpenZFS, Storage Gateway, DocumentDB, Neptune, Redshift, Timestream tables, VMware Cloud™ on AWS, VMware Cloud™ on AWS Outposts, CloudFormation, SAP HANA databases) across your AWS sub-accounts using central backup policies. By doing so, mitigate the risk of data loss while strengthening your business continuity and data security.


Prioritize Corporate Security: Introducing AWS Patching Solution

Take the right step to protect your business. With our AWS Patching solutions, you can update a wide range of resources, including servers, databases, and more. Centrally manage updates and keep your systems always up to date. Your security is our priority.


For easy reference, we categorize AWS services into
four main categories and structure our services accordingly.

"Independent from Third-Party Applications, We Exclusively Rely on AWS Native Services."

Operations and Maintenance

Maximize Your AWS Potential with Pro Operations Support - Plus, Enjoy Exclusive Perks: No Third-Party Apps Involved! Join Us for Seamless AWS Operation, Monitoring, Backup, Patching, Identity Management and more services and share your requirements. Experience Centralized Management for AWS Organization Accounts!

Operations and Maintenance services focus on optimizing daily operations and maintenance processes for AWS infrastructures. These services cover operation, monitoring, security checks, backup and update processes. Customers can manage workloads smoothly and keep them up to date with our advanced AWS services.
Security Hub

Security and Compliance

Elevate Your AWS Experience with Tailored Security and Compliance Solutions - Plus, Enjoy Exclusive Benefits: No Third-Party Software Used! Partner with Us for Advanced AWS Security for all Organization Accounts, Compliance Assurance, Identity Management and more. Ensure Regulatory Compliance for Your AWS Organization Accounts!

Security and Compliance services provide tools and solutions to keep AWS infrastructures secure and meet compliance requirements. These services include identity management, access control, security monitoring, encryption, and compliance audits. Customers can protect their data and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
Site to Site VPN



Unleash Your AWS Potential with Advanced Networking Solutions - Plus, Enjoy Exclusive Perks: No Third-Party Tools Required! Collaborate with Us for Reliable VPC, Site to Site VPN, Client Side VPN, Transit Gateways, VPC Peering, IGW and NAT GW Configurations, Enhanced Network Security, CDN Integration, and DNS Management. Simplify Networking for Your AWS Organization Accounts!

Network Management and Optimization services assist customers in designing, deploying, and managing AWS network infrastructures. These services include Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), network routing, security features, DNS management, CDN integration, and high-speed connections. Customers can establish reliable and scalable network infrastructures
Cost Explorer



Empower Your AWS Journey with Effective Cost Management Tools - Plus, Unlock Exclusive Advantages: No Third-Party Applications Installed! Work with Us for Cost Optimization, Usage Analysis, Unused Resources Analysis, Auto Compute Optimizer, Saving Plans Analysis, Budget Monitoring, and Billing Transparency. Streamline Cost Control for Your AWS Organization Accounts!

Cost Management and Optimization services help customers optimize and manage AWS usage costs effectively. These services include cost optimization, usage analysis, budget monitoring, and billing transparency. Customers can manage and control costs efficiently to ensure cost-effectiveness and billing transparency for their AWS Organization Accounts.

Support Plans

Comprehensive Support Plans and Pricing

Flexible Support and Pricing Options

Get quick and flexible price quotes directly through AWS IQ without any contracts. Services are initiated based on accepted quotes, and payments are processed through AWS IQ upon project completion. All AWS access operations are conveyed through AWS IQ without requesting direct access information from Customers.

Monthly Support Packages and Pricing

We offer monthly support packages tailored to the varying service needs of our Customers. Customer requests are fulfilled as long as they stay within the boundaries of the selected packages. Exceeded durations continue at the regular pricing. Permissions are requested for Customers' access to the infrastructure.

Packages Details

Flexible Support

Packages Details

Monthly Support


Flexible Support


Monthly Support

All options are available for monthly subscription without the need for long-term contracts, and a 15% discount is applied to all packages for contracts exceeding 3 months. Each hour exceeded beyond the package is billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour.

How to apply?

Flexible Support

You can submit your service requests directly through AWS IQ for Flexible Support. Upon receiving your request, we will promptly contact you to proceed with pricing and service tracking via AWS IQ.

How to apply?

Monthly Support

To apply for Monthly Support, you can first request an introductory meeting or apply directly for the relevant packages.



The AWS Support Center is a specialized platform designed to support the ongoing success of your business. With custom workflows tailored to your needs, managing and tracking service requests is now easier than ever. Our platform is exclusively available to Customers with AWS Monthly Support Packages, and we are here to provide you with full support.

To take advantage of the benefits offered by the AWS Support Center and manage your service requests, you can access our platform immediately. Please review our Monthly Packages and submit your application to get started.

* Only registered Customers can access to the Support Center.


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